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Save This Tool for Contacting Congress


Save this convenient web site that shows you how to contact any member of Congress.

The very first post on OTYCD was about how to find your three members of Congress. It’s advocacy 101, yes. Even still, this tool is worth saving.

It’s really well-designed and gives a handy overview of EVERYONE in Congress, with their photos, contact info, location, district, social media accounts, plus when they were first elected and when they’re due for re-election.

Special thanks to @theonetruebix for the tip and the site.

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Help Voters In Georgia Obtain IDs Before the June 20 Runoff Election

Help Spread the Vote help voters in Georgia’s 6th District obtain the IDs they need to be eligible to vote in the June 20 runoff election between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel for the open House of Representatives seat.

Ossoff gained about 48 percent of the vote overall–impressive, but not enough to give him the house seat outright.

Spread the Vote, a group devoted to fighting voter ID laws by helping citizens obtain the documents they need, estimates that 60,000 eligible voters in Georgia’s 6th district cannot participate for lack of an ID.

In an email sent on April 19, Spread the Vote notes that Ossoff received 93,390 votes, and his nearest Republican challenger, Handel, received 37,993. (The four Republicans who received at least 1 percent of the GA06 vote got 92,590, collectively.) Helping 60,000 people get their IDs could make a difference come June 20.

Spread the Vote will launch its Georgia chapter on May 6, and its first project will be GA06. It hopes to raise $20,000 to hire a full time staffer to assist its volunteers and chapter leaders.

Note that Spread the Vote won’t have an easy time of it. Civil rights groups in Georgia have already had to file suit to defend the rights of voters who register as late as May 20. The state is trying to claim that citizens have to have registered by March 20 in order to participate in the June 20 runoff, which is contrary to the National Voter Registration Act.

Regardless, do what you can to help the efforts of Spread the Vote.


Visit the Spread the Vote site:


Learn about its Georgia campaign:


Ask Spread the Vote to help you get the ID you need:


Volunteer to help Spread the Vote:


Follow Spread the Vote on Twitter:



…and follow its Georgia campaign-specific handle on Twitter:



Donate to Spread the Vote:


Read about the lawsuit to protect the rights of Georgia voters who register on or before May 20:




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Join the #MarchforTruth on June 3

Join the March for Truth on Saturday, June 3, a nationwide movement to demand a special prosecutor for the #TrumpRussia scandal, to see Trump’s tax returns, and to call for answers in general, and prosecutions if need be.

The #MarchForTruth was planned well before the May 9 firing of FBI director James Comey. As of May 9, the March for Truth had arranged events in 25 cities and was accepting contacts from groups who are interested in hosting sister marches. Organizing partners include the Town Hall Project, the Progressive Democrats of America, and local Indivisible groups, among others.

The goals of the march are 100 percent worthy and laid out on the event’s web site like so:

  • A special prosecutor must be named and Congressional investigations should be properly resourced and pursued free of partisan interests;
  • As much information should be made available to the public as possible, and as soon as possible;
  • Congress should require Donald Trump to release his tax returns to clarify his business interests and obligations to any foreign entity;
  • If crimes were committed or if collusion is discovered, it must be prosecuted.

If you can’t attend the march, support the march on social media by checking the #MarchForTruth hash tag and retweeting and reposting choice material you find there.

If you’re reading this weeks or even days before the march and you know you can’t make it, you can help by donating. The Comey firing is going to create a fresh wave of interest in the March for Truth. More interest means more people, and that means march organizers will need money to pay for cleanup, port-a-potties, volunteers, and other infrastructural needs. Dollars will help.

See the March for Truth website here:

Find a sister March for Truth event near you:

Read background on how to organize a #MarchForTruth event:

Like the March for Truth on Facebook:

Follow the March for Truth on Twitter:


Donate to the March for Truth through CrowdPac:

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Help Liberal Moms of Roswell and Cobb Help Jon Ossoff #FlipThe6th

Help Liberal Moms of Roswell and Cobb (LMRC) continue their efforts to help Democrat Jon Ossoff #FlipThe6th and win the open House of Representatives seat on June 20.

Founded in November 2015 by a local liberal mother in East Cobb, LMRC now boasts 1,000 members, many of whom devoted themselves to getting the vote out for Jon Ossoff. Your donations and purchases from the LMRC shop will fuel their efforts to canvas for Ossoff a second time. If you know someone who lives in Cobb or Roswell counties who might like to join LMRC, tell them about it!


Visit the LMRC web page:


Donate to LMRC:


Purchase from the LMRC online shop (profits benefit the org):


Like its Facebook page:


Follow LMRC on Twitter:



Read a Slate piece on grassroots progressive efforts in Georgia’s 6th District that mentions LMRC:



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Follow Alexandra Erin on Twitter


Follow Alexandra Erin on Twitter.

Erin is an author, poet, trans woman and all-round smart person who lives in Maryland and has an exceptional gift for interpreting and explaining Donald Trump, whether he is tweeting madly or reading someone else’s words off a teleprompter. She makes sense when it seems like there is no sense to be made.

Sample her genius by reading this Twitter thread on Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress on February 28:


Follow her on Twitter:



Read her blog here:


Support her here:



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Subscribe to Wall-of-Us and Fight Trump

Subscribe to Wall-of-Us, which offers a weekly collection of actions to push back against Trump.

Encouraging greater activism is the goal of Wall-of-Us, which says on its home page, “He promised a wall. He will be stopped by a wall of us.”

Every Sunday it sends out four actions that you can take over the course of the coming week. Some are timely, some are long term. All provide food for thought and fuel for concrete action.


See the Wall-of-Us home page:


See Brick by Brick, its victory page:


Subscribe to Wall-of-Us:


Donate to Wall-of-Us:


Like its Facebook page:


Follow Wall-of-Us on Twitter:


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Stock Up on Postcards and 34-cent Stamps

Stock up on postcards and 34-cent stamps.

When a Congressional representative from another state does something that delights you or annoys you, don’t call their offices.

Jamming their lines only makes it harder for their own constituents to get through, and they only listen to their own constituents.

Instead, see if you have friends in that state and urge them to contact their reps. Help them find their reps’ contact info if they need it (See the first blog post, ‘Self-advocacy 101: Find Your Congressional Representatives’, for tools to help you do this.)

If you still want to say something to the out-of-state rep that made you happy or mad, send a postcard. Your opinion will show up in a physical way while leaving the rep’s phone lines free.

It also sets a price on your emotions: OK, you’re mad, but are you 34 cents’ worth of mad? Yes? Then have at it.

Good ‘happy’ example: Sending thank-you postcards to Lindsey Graham, Chuck Schumer, Jack Reid, and John McCain for calling for a bipartisan investigation of the Russian hacking scandal.

Good ‘mad’ example: Sending a postcard to Ohio governor John Kasich, asking him to veto both of those Ohio anti-abortion bills.

IMPORTANT: When you write your postcard message, you need to leave room for your name and your full address. This is per Emily Ellsworth, author of Call the Halls. Initials and a zip code are NOT enough. If your postcard lacks a full address, the MoC’s office folk will probably trash it. If you can’t fit your address and your message on a postcard, best to send an email or a letter instead.

Here is a link through which you can purchase postcard stamps:


This “Fanciful Flowers” stamped card is the closest thing to a pre-stamped postcard that the USPS sells:


Many venues sell postcards. If you live in a touristy area, you’re set–try your local Visitor’s Center and souvenir shops.

You can also try stationery and paper goods stores; museum gift shops; big pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS; and any place that sells tchotchkes, knick-knacks, keepsakes, and assorted shelf-clutterers.

The Norman Rockwell Museum Store sells postcard versions of his Freedom of Speech painting for a buck each (Item no. P057):

The first action that the Women’s March organizers asked in their 10 Actions/100 Days campaign is to send a postcard to your senators about the issues that matter most to you, and say how you will fight for them. They included a postcard design that you can download and print:


If you’d like a fine, subtle, albeit pricey way to troll Trump, stock up on postcards of Titian’s painting of Danae.

Danae is a mortal princess from Greek mythology who was impregnated by the god Zeus when he visited her in the form of–no joke–a golden shower.

Here’s the link through which you can order the Danae postcards (warning–the company is in the UK, so the postcards and the shipping will be on the expensive side of things):


And here is the story of Danae:


And if you’re crafty, visit Michael’s or A.C. Moore and buy card stock, paper cutters, and rubber stamps and make your own postcards.