Marches and Protests

Show Up at Your Senators’ Offices and Stop the #SwampCabinet

Join a rally at your senators’ local district offices to oppose Trump’s worst cabinet picks.

Trump has chosen some of the most glaringly unfit and unqualified people imaginable to fill his cabinet. Jeff Sessions, whose racist statements cost him a federal judgeship in the 1980s, goes up for a Senate vote today that could confirm him as the U.S. Attorney General. Also up for a vote today is Ben Carson, the candidate to head Housing and Urban Development (HUD). He has no relevant experience with the issues handled by HUD. (Past OTYCD posts on Sessions, Carson, and three others are below.) Tom Price, Trump’s choice for Health and Human Services (HHS), sits for another hearing today and might go to a vote soon.

The activist group is calling for citizens to show up at their senators’ offices in person to voice their opposition to several Trump choices. To find the protest nearest you, plug your zip code into the link below:

If your senators are favoring terrible Trump nominees, it’s important that you appear at a rally to make your voice heard. If your senators seem to be on the fence about one or more of these cabinet picks, it’s extra-important that you show up in person and speak out. If your senators have been fighting well against Trump’s worst picks, it’s still important that you show up at their offices today and thank them for their work. If you can enter the office with a campaign contribution in hand because you are impressed with how they’ve grilled nominees in committee hearings, all the better.

If you can’t go to the rallies, follow the #SwampCabinet hashtag on social media and like, favorite, and retweet messages that decry Trump’s most awful choices. Getting #SwampCabinet to trend online will draw attention to this cabinet pick mess. Also call your local paper, tell them about the rallies, and ask them to send a reporter. Make sure to check Wednesday’s paper for coverage of the rallies and send feedback to the editorial staff on what they publish. Show them that reporting on anti-Trump actions gets readers.


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