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ICYMI: Oppose Rick Perry, Trump’s Pick for the Department of Energy

Apologies for not getting around to this item earlier; it was postponed in favor of other things that arose with stark, sudden urgency. So is life in Trumpland. Perry has completed his hearings and may receive a Senate floor vote today.

Call your senators and oppose Rick Perry, Trump’s choice to head the Department of Energy.

He has the standard odious outlooks on climate change and the EPA, but he stands out for another reason. Perry ran as a Republican presidential nominee in 2012. During a presidential debate, he famously failed to remember the name of the department of energy, which he had promised to eliminate. Continuing his pattern of choosing the worst possible people for each post, Trump naturally settled on Perry for this department.

Since being chosen, Perry has had something of a change of heart about the department of energy. During his confirmation hearings, he stated he “regret[s] recommending its elimination.” And if the New York Times article below is correct, Perry wasn’t aware until after he was tapped that the department of energy handles nuclear issues.

While Perry’s shift in attitude is welcome and encouraging, the country deserves a better-qualified person than he to helm the department. Previous leaders have earned Nobel Prizes (Steven Chu) and served on the physics faculty at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  (Dr. Ernest Moniz). Perry’s scientific track record is a mediocre string of grades earned at Texas A&M, including a ‘D’ in a course called “Meats”.

Is your senator on the energy and natural resources committee? Then it’s extra-important that you speak up. Check the link below before you call.


Sample script: “Dear Senator (Lastname), I am (Firstname Lastname, from town, zip code). I am calling to ask you to vote against Rick Perry to head the department of energy. He is woefully underqualified. We need someone who has greater understanding of the scientific issues that the department faces every day.”


Here again is the nifty cabinet nominee tracking tool we’ve mentioned before. Remember–you can make calls until and unless the person is confirmed:


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