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Support Planned Parenthood on February 11 by Donating, Calling MoCs, and Working Social Media, NOT Counter-protesting

You might have heard about the protests that pro-lifers want to hold on Saturday, February 11 outside of Planned Parenthood clinics in their quest to convince Congress to defund the organization.

You might also have heard about plans to counter-protest at the clinics.

Unless the leaders at your nearest Planned Parenthood tell you that they’re OK with a counter-protest, DO NOT GO. Show your support with donations, social media posts, and calling members of Congress to urge them to protect its federal funding.

Several PP clinics have asked would-be counter protestors to stay home out of concern for the comfort and well-being of patients who will have appointments that day. Clinic staff and volunteers already have to deal with the anti-choicers; adding pro-choicers to the mix just increases the number of people cluttering the clinic entrance.


Instead, you can:


Go to and make a donation to Planned Parenthood.


Support the #IStandWithPP hashtag online and on social media by talking about how Planned Parenthood has helped you and those you love. You can also like, retweet, and favorite posts so the hashtag trends above #ProtestPP on February 11.


Call your members of Congress on the weekdays before Saturday, February 11, and tell them you want them to protect Planned Parenthood’s federal funding. In particular, call your House reps and ask them to oppose H.R. 354, the Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2017.


Sample script: “I am (Firstname Lastname of town, zip code). I am calling to ask (Senator/Representative Lastname) to oppose H.R. 354, the Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2017. Planned Parenthood serves some of the poorest and neediest. Its work cannot be replaced. We cannot abandon it.”