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Save This Tool for Tracking Trump’s Cabinet Nominees

ICYMI: Reposting in case you have yet to see it. The tracker is still active and useful.

Trump has made several dubious picks for his presidential cabinet. The Republicans are helping him shepherd them through by scheduling several Senate hearings for the same day (January 11), making it harder for citizens and journalists to monitor them all.

Some clever folks in the Washington State chapter of Pantsuit Nation have assembled a comprehensive spreadsheet of Trump cabinet nominees. This tool will help you learn about Trump’s picks, tell your Congressional representatives to vote against them, and stay on top of the nomination hearings.

The document tells you who the nominees are; when their hearings are scheduled; why you should call your Congressional delegation to oppose them; which ones are most important to oppose; which Congressional committees will hear their nominations; who sits on those committees; and how best to make your voice heard.

Here is the link to the spreadsheet:

This blog is called One Thing You Can Do. It’s here to give you one thing you can do every day to push back against Trump. One. Thing. That’s it.

For this reason, OTYCD won’t be able to devote posts to all six Trump cabinet nominees before Jan 11 arrives. It will cover many of them, but not all. And there are more hearings to come soon. Ben Carson, the Housing and Urban Development nominee, takes his turn on January 12.

Please save this spreadsheet tool and consult it to make sure that you learn about every Trump cabinet nominee, and take action against every one who you find troubling, whether OTYCD covers them or not. Please share the document with others who can use it.

Also, make sure to double check the links to the committees that are holding the hearings on the nominees, and see if one of your Congressional representatives is a member. If they are, it is extra-important for you to speak up. Your voice will have more impact than someone whose senator is not on a committee.