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Oppose Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s Pick for Treasury Secretary

ICYMI: Looks like the Mnuchin vote happens Monday. If you haven’t called your senators yet to voice your opposition, please do.

OTYCD is getting to this one late but fortunately not too late. Mnuchin is out of committee but there is still time to call and say no to his nomination.

Call your senators and oppose Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s pick for Treasury Secretary.

Mnuchin (pronounced Men-oo-chin) is an ex-Goldman Sachs banker who, if confirmed, would be the first former hedge fund manager to run the Treasury. He cofounded OneWest, a California bank that pursued more than 36,000 foreclosures during the housing crisis. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who has doggedly questioned Mnuchin in his hearings, seized upon OneWest’s attempt to foreclose on a 90-year-old Florida woman over a 27-cent payment error that sprung from a mistake made by the bank.

Meanwhile, Mnuchin made a far more severe error on his nomination paperwork, omitting more than $100 million in personal assets as well as his connection to a company in the Cayman Islands. And the Department of Justice is currently examining claims by whistleblowers at OneWest over mishandled loan modifications. When you add up the facts, it seems that Mnuchin is not likely to be sensitive to the needs of people whose bank balances are shorter than a telephone number.

Democratic senators have done what they can under the circumstances, making nimble use of Senate rules to delay proceedings. Their actions have bought you time to call them and voice your concerns about Mnuchin and other problematic Trump nominees.

Is your senator on the Finance Committee? Then it’s extra-important that you pick up your phone to speak against Mnuchin. Check the link below before dialing:


Sample script: “I am (Firstname Lastname, from town, zip code,) and I am calling to ask you to vote against Steven Mnuchin (Men-oo-chin) as secretary of the Treasury. His history with Goldman Sachs, hedge fund management, and as co-founder of a bank responsible for tens of thousands of foreclosures makes him a poor choice for the post.”


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