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SCREAM at Your House Rep to Vote Against H.J. Res 86, Which Would Make Online Privacy a Joke

Call your house rep and demand that they vote against H.J. Res 86, which would make a mockery of online privacy.

You need to do this TODAY because the bill has already passed the Senate and the House will vote on it TODAY (March 28). 

Why this bill sucks, per the good guys at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and others: If it passes, it would repeal Obama-era rules and would allow your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to sell the data it collects from your search history and sell it to advertisers.

This would happen even if you take measures to protect your own privacy online. If the bill passes, the only real way to shield yourself from those who would exploit you and market you would be to use an anonymity network such as Tor.

Of course the grossness doesn’t stop there. The bill would also let ISPs force ads into your online traffic that are based on where it sees you go online.

It would also let your ISP redirect your online searches to companies that pay them to send you to them, even if they’re not the best result for your needs.

It would let them pre-install software on your phone that logs your movements online and sends the findings to your ISP.

It would let ISPs force undetectable cookies that can’t be deleted–so-called ‘supercookies’–into your traffic. Supercookies are so intrusive that they can override use of an Incognito window or a do-not-track feature.

It will surprise you not one whit that all the sponsors of the Senate version of the bill and all the sponsors of the House version of the bill are–wait for it–Republicans! Not one Democrat among them.

IMPORTANT. Before you call, check the link below. Is your Republican house rep one of the co-sponsors of this bill? Then it’s extra-important that you call to voice your opposition.


Sample script: “Hello, I’m (Firstname Lastname, from town, state.) I am calling to ask House Rep (Lastname) to vote against H.J. Res 86, which would render online privacy moot. Instead of treating your online search history like sensitive, private information, the bill, if passed, would allow internet service providers to snoop on your movements and sell the information to marketers and advertisers and who knows who else. The bill would also nullify tools that people use now to shield themselves, such as incognito windows and do-not-track measures. Please vote against this outrageously intrusive bill.”


Bonus points: Is your Republican senator one of those who sponsored the Senate version of this terrible bill? Check the link below and if need be, call and complain. And bookmark the link for reference when they’re up for re-election.


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