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Call Your House Rep to Defend Walter Shaub Jr., Head of the Office of Government Ethics

ICYMI: Reposting because you can still act on this if you haven’t yet.

Call your member of the Congressional House of Representatives to defend Walter Shaub Jr., director of the Office of Government Ethics (OGE).

Shaub has been straightforward and resolute on the topic of Donald Trump’s conflicts of interest and the president-elect’s plans for addressing them: They stink. Well, those aren’t his actual words, but Shaub has made it clear that Trump’s solutions aren’t up to the task, blasting them as “wholly inadequate.”

Since speaking out, Shaub has been summoned to a closed-door meeting by Jason Chaffetz, the Republican house rep from Utah who heads the house’s Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Chaffetz has been a bulldog on the issue of investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails, but he has yet to show a similar passion for looking into Trump. He acted mere hours after Shaub spoke about Trump at the Brookings Institution. Evidently, in Chaffetz’s mind, pointing out Trump’s ethical failings in public is somehow worse than Trump’s failings themselves.

It is unclear when this closed-door meeting with Shaub might happen. Regardless, call your house rep, let them know you support the work of Shaub and the OGE, and that he should not be punished in any way for doing his job.

Below is the list of sitting members of the house Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Is your house rep on the list? Then it’s extra-important that you call. And if Chaffetz is your house rep, then it’s unbelievably super-extra-important that you call and tell him to lay off Shaub and start looking into Trump instead.


You can also call the OGE to voice your support for Shaub:



Or send an email:


Or send a postcard:

U.S. Office of Government Ethics

1201 New York Avenue, N.W., Suite 500

Washington D.C. 20005


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