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IMPORTANT: Are Your Senators Republican? Call Them and Say You Oppose Neil Gorsuch for SCOTUS

The floor vote on Gorsuch might happen as soon as today (Friday April 7). If your senators are Democratic, thank them for filibustering. If your senators are Republican, tell them you do not support the destruction of the filibuster and you do not want Gorsuch on the court. And if you can back your promise in 2018, tell your Republican senators that you will spend your own time and money to remove them for office because of their SCOTUS on Gorsuch.

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Call your senators and tell them to oppose the choice of Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).

It’s not news that Neil Gorsuch is Trump’s pick to fill the seat opened by the death of Antonin Scalia. OTYCD held off writing about it until now because it will take months for the nomination to proceed through the senate, and tons of other things were happening, and continue to happen, that have shorter political lifespans.

Staying on the concerns that could lead to impeachment–the Trump-Russia story, forcing the release of Trump’s tax returns, and pursuing his violations of the emoluments clause of the Constitution–remain the most important things to do.

Below is a link to the SCOTUS Courage Tracker List. It has not been updated since February 8, but it should give you an overview of where your senators stand on Gorsuch, along with the numbers of their Washington, D.C. offices. (Only senators participate in handling and vetting SCOTUS nominees. That’s why no house reps appear on this list.)

Gorsuch is competent but, as expected, he’s extremely favorable to the right wing in his rulings. If he takes a seat on the court, people we love will suffer. But even if his judicial record wasn’t as bad, we’d need to oppose him anyway because the Republicans effectively stole the SCOTUS seat from the Obama administration.

Obama offered Merrick Garland, a competent, centrist candidate that is well-liked by both sides of the aisle. The Republicans refused to even give Garland a hearing–an unwarranted and unprecedented move. The Republicans should be made to suffer as much as humanly possible for this bullshit behavior, so that no one, from any party, tries it again. If they want Gorsuch, they should pay dearly in time and opportunity costs and soul-crushing tedium, AND at the ballot box when their senate terms are up. Those who will be hurt by a post-Gorsuch Supreme Court deserve no less.