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Join Your Nearest Trump Tax March on April 15

Those who lived through the 2016 presidential campaign know all too well that Donald Trump does not feel shame. But those who joined the Women’s March protests on January 21 know that he feels some uncomfortable emotion that he can’t name, and feels it keenly, when exceptionally large groups of people gather all over everywhere to push back against his nonsense.

Join the Trump Tax March happening near you on Tax Day, April 15.

The march is a social media wish that came true, but Trump himself willed it into being by promising to release his tax returns when on the campaign trail and refusing to do so once he was in office. He continues to insist that the public does not care that he hasn’t released his tax returns.

Trump clings to this delusion despite all evidence to the contrary, including a petition asking him to release his tax returns that tallied the required 100,000 signatures to trigger a response in under two days. As of February 4, 15 days short of the deadline to sign, it had racked up almost half a million signatures. It is the most popular petition in the history of the site, which was created by the Obama administration.

Clearly, people want Donald Trump to fulfill his promise and release his tax returns. Joining the April 15 marches just might prod him to do that.


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And if you’re seeing this before February 20, sign the petition asking Trump to release his tax returns in full (and make sure to UNCHECK the box that lets the White House email you messages and updates):