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DEADLINE IS PAST: Use the Power of Postcards to Help #FlipThe6th

Update: April 12 is the deadline for mailing postcards WITHIN Georgia.

April 13 is the deadline for mailing postcards within Georgia’s 6th District.

If you live outside of Georgia, time’s up. But rest assured we’ll be scouting for future postcard campaigns of this nature and we’ll get a blog post up right away.


Like to write and mail postcards? Want to help the Democrats claim the open house rep seat in Georgia’s 6th District on April 18? Join the Postcards to Flip the 6th Project.

When you email Tony, the organizer, you will receive five street addresses belonging to qualified Democratic households.

You agree to mail five heartfelt, hand-written postcards to Democratic constituents in Georgia’s 6th District, asking them to come out and vote.

As of April 8, more than 57,000 voters in the counties of DeKalb, Fulton, and Cobb had received postcards from those who joined the project.

We apologize for not writing about this earlier, but we only learned about it on April 9. If you want to do this, email Tony TODAY and get to work on your postcards once you get your addresses.

IMPORTANT: This is a Get Out the Vote (GOTV) effort. The language on your postcards should urge the recipient to do just that–get out and vote. Do not mention any candidates by name. Don’t pick up your pen until you’ve read the Easy Rules and the Suggested Talking Points and have agreed to abide by them.


To receive your first five street addresses, email:

TonytheDemocrat     at


Read a blog post about the Postcards to Flip the 6th Project:

Change is possible.


Not convinced it’ll work? See this screenshot of mailed postcards and the reactions of their recipients:

Screenshot of reactions of people who received Postcards to Flip the 6th