Follow Michael McDonald for Updates on Early Voting Figures for Jon Ossoff’s House Race in Georgia’s Sixth District

Follow Professor Michael McDonald for periodic updates on early voter turnout for Jon Ossoff and others running in the Georgia special election for its 6th District House of Representatives seat.

Dr. Michael P. McDonald is an associate professor of political science at the University of Florida. He runs the United States Election Project, which tracks American voter turnout.

Future posts will talk about the United States Election Project and its implications. Right now, we want you to know about McDonald’s Twitter feed, because he’s tracking and posting information about the early vote totals in the special election for the open house seat in Georgia’s 6th District, which Jon Ossoff hopes to win. If Ossoff can draw at least 51 percent of the vote, the seat becomes his, with no need for a head-to-head contest or a runoff.

According to his tweets on Sunday April 1, slightly more than 8,000 ballots were cast and accepted since early voting began on Monday, and the Democrats have the lead.

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