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Use the Power of Postcards to #Turn32Blue and Break the Republican Super-Majority in the Georgia Senate

Mail postcards to help Democrat Christine Triebsch win the open state senate seat in Georgia’s 32nd senate district on May 16.

One of the Republicans who ran against Jon Ossoff in the April 18 jungle primary gave up  a state senate seat in Georgia to do so. The race to fill that seat takes place May 16.

Right now, Republicans have a super-majority in the Georgia senate. If Triebsch wins, she will break the super-majority and make a welcome step toward curtailing Republican power across America.

The organizers of the #Turn32Blue campaign are confident that a wave of handwritten postcards that ask Democratic voters in the district to come out for Triebsch should do the trick. Special elections fly under the radar, and that’s doubly true for special elections for state seats.

When you write your postcards, make them personal and heartfelt but don’t forget to include the following basic elements:


Mention the special election runoff on May 16

Ask the recipient to vote for Democrat Christine Triebsch

Ask the voter to #Turn32Blue and break the Georgia state senate’s Republican super-majority.


You have two options for obtaining addresses. You can text the word HELLO to 678.498.5585 and follow the prompts to receive between five and 15 addresses.


You can also email

TonyTheDemocrat       at


Note that the gmail address will give you more than 15 addresses at a time.


Donate to Christine Triebsch’s Georgia state senate campaign:


Read a Daily Kos diary written in the aftermath of the April 18 jungle primary, which Jon Ossoff narrowly lost.

You have to scroll down to the update to see it but the diarist testifies to the value of the #FlipThe6th postcard campaign: “I heard several people happily mention the postcards they got urging them to vote for Jon.  That’s a really good grassroots way for people to make a difference from outside the district.  One of those is more effective than 50 slick professional mailers.”