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Keep Pushing for an Independent Investigation Into the #TrumpRussia Scandal

Keep calling your members of Congress to demand an independent investigation of Trump’s ties to Russia.

The scandal over Trump and his campaign’s ties to Russia gets weirder and more disturbing by the day. The bizarre actions of Devin Nunes, chair of the House Intelligence Committee who was also on the Trump transition team, underline the fact that America needs an independent investigation into the matter–not one that can be manipulated, sidelined, and suffocated by Republicans who want to put party over country.

Every new little odd turn in this story gives you an opening to call your MoCs to repeat your request. Nunes brings information to the president instead of his Congressional committee members? Call. Speaker Ryan inexplicably defends Nunes and says he doesn’t need to recuse himself? Call, and call Speaker Ryan if you are his constituent and give him an earful. (Or two. He has two ears, after all.) Nunes FINALLY steps down from chairing anything to do with the Russia scandal? Call, and say you want to see more like this. The Nunes substitutes prove as feckless as Nunes? Call, call, call.

Sample script: “I am (Firstname Lastname, from town, zip code). I am calling to ask Senator/House Rep (Lastname) to support efforts to launch an independent investigation into Trump and the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

<Here, you mention the most recent event that gives you an opening to call. Maybe it’s Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee asking Nunes to step down. Maybe it’s Ryan defending Nunes. Maybe it’s Michael Flynn trying to seek immunity. Plug in whatever’s freshest.>

It is eminently, grotesquely clear that any Congressional investigation that Republicans can control will be compromised and suspect. Please do what you can to help us all learn the truth, which we need to learn in full, however startling or painful it might be. Thank you for listening.”


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