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Keep Pushing for an Independent Investigation of the #TrumpRussia Scandal and Ask Your Senators to Refuse to Confirm a New FBI Director Until That Happens

Keep calling your members of Congress to demand an independent investigation of Trump’s ties to Russia, and in particular, demand that your senators refuse to confirm the next FBI director until that investigation is launched.

Yes, we’ve written about this before, and we’ve carouseled this post a lot, but the craziness that went down with Comey’s May 9 firing has convinced us that we have to put this post up every  weekday (when Congressional offices are open) until we actually get a goddamn independent investigation. We haven’t done this in the short history of this blog, but it’s that important.

**UPDATE to the update: And since we set up these daily posts, Senator Mitch McConnell has moved to squelch Congressional interest in an independent investigation of #TrumpRussia. Quelle surprise, no? (No.)

So it’s that much more important to call your MoCs every goddamn day until Congress relents and does what’s needed: launch a prope r investigation already. The Republicans control everything, and they’re showing no interest in doing the right thing. We will have to call and tell them to do their jobs, every day, until they step up and do them.

In case you need cites on McConnell, see this link:

At least some Democratic senators are doing whatever they can to slow things down and generally grind the gears of Congress to a halt. If your senators are among them, call and tell them you support what they are doing.

Overarching reminder: ONLY CALL YOUR OWN MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. Leave outsider MoCs’ lines free for their own constituents. Fight your urge to call MoCs who don’t rep you by urging your friends in other states and districts to call their MoCs.

Ok, back to the first update:

The scandal over Trump and his campaign’s ties to Russia gets weirder and more disturbing by the day. America needs an independent investigation into the matter–not one that can be manipulated, sidelined, and suffocated by Republicans who want to put party over country.

Every new little odd turn in this story gives you an opening to call your MoCs to repeat your request.

On May 9, Trump went full Nixon, firing FBI director James Comey, evidently at the suggestion of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

We need an independent investigation of #TrumpRussia. We needed it months ago. We need it, we need it, we need it. Call.

Sample script: “I am (Firstname Lastname, from town, zip code). I am calling yet again to ask Senator/House Rep (Lastname) to support efforts to launch an independent investigation into Trump and the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

<Here, you mention the most recent event that gives you an opening to call. Maybe it’s Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee asking Nunes to step down. Maybe it’s Ryan defending Nunes. Maybe it’s Michael Flynn trying to seek immunity. Maybe it’s Trump firing FBI director James Comes. Plug in whatever’s freshest.>

It is eminently, grotesquely clear that any Congressional investigation that Republicans can control will be compromised and suspect. Please do what you can to help us all learn the truth, which we need to learn in full, however startling or painful it might be. Thank you for listening.”

We also have a special script just for your senators, seeing as they will confirm the next FBI director. But before you call, check and see if either of your senators is on the Senate Judiciary Committee. It’s extra-important for you to call if they are:

Special script for your Senators: “I am (Firstname Lastname, from town, zip code). I am calling yet again to ask Senator/House Rep (Lastname) to support efforts to launch an independent investigation into Trump and the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. The firing of James Comes as FBI director leaves the post open for Trump to nominate and confirm a new director. I am asking you to withhold your support for any FBI director nominee, no matter how excellent, unless Congress first sets up an independent investigation of the ever-growing Trump-Russia scandal.