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Attend Your Local Town Hall and Fight Trumpcare

IMPORTANT. Topher Spiro, a senior policy fellow at the Center for American Progress, tweeted on May 15:

INTEL: Several GOP Senators have privately said this recess is the test – if they get blowback at home, they’ll tell McConnell it’s over.

From May 29 through June 3, Congress will be in recess. Please use the tool below, designed by the Town Hall Project 2018, to find an event near you and speak out against Trumpcare.

You know how important it is to attend Town Hall meetings, public forums, and other events where your members of Congress appear in person to speak with their constituents and take questions.

Some clever, determined, energetic people have created the Town Hall Project 2018. It evolved from a spreadsheet of all the events scheduled by MoCs, be they Town Hall meetings, district office hours, ticketed events, or conference call-Town Halls. Now all you have to do is plug in your zip code and voila! It’ll show you all the relevant events happening within 75 miles.

Save this tool for tracking events where your members of Congress will take your questions and meet with you:

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