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Help Voters In Georgia Obtain IDs Before the June 20 Runoff Election

Help Spread the Vote help voters in Georgia’s 6th District obtain the IDs they need to be eligible to vote in the June 20 runoff election between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel for the open House of Representatives seat.

Ossoff gained about 48 percent of the vote overall–impressive, but not enough to give him the house seat outright.

Spread the Vote, a group devoted to fighting voter ID laws by helping citizens obtain the documents they need, estimates that 60,000 eligible voters in Georgia’s 6th district cannot participate for lack of an ID.

In an email sent on April 19, Spread the Vote notes that Ossoff received 93,390 votes, and his nearest Republican challenger, Handel, received 37,993. (The four Republicans who received at least 1 percent of the GA06 vote got 92,590, collectively.) Helping 60,000 people get their IDs could make a difference come June 20.

Spread the Vote will launch its Georgia chapter on May 6, and its first project will be GA06. It hopes to raise $20,000 to hire a full time staffer to assist its volunteers and chapter leaders.

Note that Spread the Vote won’t have an easy time of it. Civil rights groups in Georgia have already had to file suit to defend the rights of voters who register as late as May 20. The state is trying to claim that citizens have to have registered by March 20 in order to participate in the June 20 runoff, which is contrary to the National Voter Registration Act.

Regardless, do what you can to help the efforts of Spread the Vote.


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