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Tell Your Secretary of State to Say No to Kris Kobach’s Voter Suppression Campaign

Tell your state’s secretary of state to refuse to cooperate with Kris Kobach’s demand to turn over sensitive information about you and your fellow voters.

Donald Trump chose Kobach to lead his commission on electoral integrity, a ridiculous effort that has no basis in fact. Stung by the fact that he lost the popular vote in 2016 by 3 million, Trump is salving his ego by holding to the fiction that millions of votes were cast illegally. So he’s chosen Kobach, who is known for his efforts to suppress the vote, to lead this assault on our rights.

In late June, Kobach asked all 50 states to supply detailed information about their voters, dating back to 2006: names, dates of birth, addresses, party affiliation (if known), and even the last four digits of voters’ Social Security numbers. (Kobach is the secretary of state for Kansas.)

As of July 1, more than half the states refused to comply. One told Kobach to go jump in a lake–well, the ocean, technically speaking. Delbert Hosemann, secretary of state for Mississippi, responded by saying, “They can go jump in the Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi is a great state to launch from.”

You need to find out who your secretary of state is and find out how that person responded to Kobach’s request.


You can do that by going to:

Once you have that person’s name, search it to get the contact info. You’ll have to scroll down a bit. Depending on where you live, the title might be slightly different. For example, in Massachusetts, that person is called the Secretary of the Commonwealth. Look for the title that starts with ‘Secretary of…’.


Ari Berman, author of Give Us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America, has been tracking the situation on Twitter.  As of July 1, he reports that the following states have said no:










North Carolina

New Mexico

North Dakota


New York




Rhode Island

South Dakota









Does this list include your state? If so, contact your secretary of state and say thank you.

If this list does not include your state, that does not necessarily mean that the secretary of state has complied yet. Write and call to make it clear that you want your state to say no to Kobach and his bullshit request.


If you live in Mississippi, it’s extra-important to write or call Delbert Hosemann to thank him. He’s a Republican, btw. If you live outside Mississippi, send him a thank-you postcard:

Delbert Hosemann

Secretary of State

401 Mississippi Street

Jackson, MS 39201


To learn more about Kobach and what he hopes to accomplish, read Berman’s June 13, 2017 story for the New York Times Magazine titled The Man Behind Trump’s Voter-Fraud Obsession:


To stay on top of Kobach’s assault on our voting rights, and assaults on voting rights in America generally, follow Ari Berman on Twitter:



Lastly, do you live in Kansas? Then you know that Kris Kobach is running for governor in 2018. Please do what you can to oppose and hamper his campaign. As of July 1, three candidates, including Kobach, had declared they will run, and all three are Republican.

When OTYCD hears of a Democratic candidate for Kansas governor, or receives solid information that one of the other Republicans is sane and has a spine, we’ll devote a separate post to the race. For now, concentrate on defeating Kobach.