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Meet Your Senators at July 4 Events and Make Sure They Know What You Think About the AHCA

Find out which public events your town hall-avoiding senators and house reps will attend during the July 4 recess, and show up with protest signs. 

Since Trump took office, GOP Congresspeople have largely been the very picture of cowardice, refusing to hold town hall meetings or otherwise face their constituents, who are understandably eager to give them an earful about the horrible bills that Trump wants them to pass.

As per the recent pattern, many have failed to schedule town hall events and similar forums over the July 4 recess.

But you know where they will be? At July 4 events, such as parades, fireworks displays, baseball games, and the like.

Check your senators’ websites. Find out where they will be over the July 4 recess. Have your anti-AHCA, anti-Kris Kobach voter suppression efforts, pro Trump-Russia, investigation, pro-town hall meeting signs at the ready.

Do not let them go anywhere without being met by their own citizens protesting the vile things that Trump and his ilk are getting up to.