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Join the Day of Action for Net Neutrality on July 12

Join the Day of Action for Net Neutrality, a protest and awareness-raising event set for July 12.

A metric crapload of entities are coming together to raise the alarm over the need to defend net neutrality, a fight that OTYCD has written about before. If net neutrality goes away, the Internet will no longer be a level playing field. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) could charge more for faster service. The vibrancy of the medium would suffer a body blow, and corporations would gain more leverage over what you see and how quickly you get to see it.

The link below gives you tools to join the Internet-wide day of action to stand up for net neutrality. You can change your online avatar to a spinning wheel ‘o loading. You can display an alert on your site that will let your online audience contact the FCC and Congress. It also offers a video bumper that explains what net neutrality is and why we need to fight for it.


See the Day of Action for Net Neutrality site here:


Here also is the main web site for the entity leading the protest, the Battle for the Net, which is a joint effort of Fight for the Future, Demand Progress, and Freepress Action Fund: