Fight Trumpcare/Defend the ACA, July 25: Keep Calling, Keep Fighting

Gotta make this one short also, but the answer is the same as yesterday: The all-court press is on and is still on.

The GOP Senators got their motion to proceed. They will now hash over the various bills.

This could still come to nothing but the only way to make sure of that is to call, call, call.

Per Topher Spiro on Twitter:

More importantly, throughout next few days, pressure needs to be CONSTANT and INTENSE in home states, on phones, online, on TV, and in DC.

So, please call and please urge your friends to call.

If your senators are solid Dems, call and thank them for standing firm against the BCRA for the last few weeks, and urge them to fight repeal and replace and defend the ACA.

If your senators are Republicans, call call call call call. Make it damn clear that you want them to FIX the Affordable Care Act, not repeal and replace, and if they do the latter, you will vote for their opponents come reelection time. If you can carry out the threat, tell them you will donate to their opponents and campaign to get them elected.

If you are medically vulnerable, or your loved ones are and you have permission to share their stories, do it.

You might also want to point out that Trump is loyal only to himself. He’s thrown their former Senate colleague, Jeff Sessions, under the bus in the most publicly humiliating way possible in the same bizarre New York Times interview in which he confuses health insurance with life insurance.

Point out that virtually no American governor supports the bill.

Point out to your Republican senators that if they pass this bill, people will suffer, and children will die. When that happens, Trump will be shocked, shocked, I tell you, and he won’t hesitate to throw the GOP Congress under the bus. Heck, he will probably make a big show of it.


See https://trumpcaretoolkit.org for phone numbers and tweetable statistics about health care coverage loss in these senators’ states.


Also, follow these folks on Twitter. They will have news first:

Topher Spiro is all over Trumpcare and will have news first. See his tweets here:



Another good person to follow is Andy Slavitt, who ran Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act under Obama. His Twitter handle is:



Lastly, Ben Wikler, Washington, D.C. director at MoveOn, is all over the anti-Trumpcare protests. He’ll know what’s happening first. Follow him here:



Now the final bit for today. Other stuff is going on. That seems to be the hallmark of the Trump administration–other stuff is always going on. We at OTYCD feel it is important to stick with the notion of just giving you one thing you can do, in the form of a new blog post, and we also feel that fighting Trumpcare/defending the ACA is the single most important thing you can do for the near future.

If you can only focus on one thing right now, save your energy for the health care fight.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do other things. If you want to do more and you’re capable of it, please do. The aforementioned Celeste (@Celeste_Pewter) is an excellent place to look next if you’re ready and eager to do something else. So is Rogan’s List: https://roganslist.blogspot.com.

Carry on, folks. Carry on.