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#DefendDACA …and ACA? Sept 7 Update

Yep, you’re defending DACA again today, but there’s also an update on defending the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

On September 6, Senator John McCain made a statement that implied that he favored the Graham-Cassidy health care bill, which would gut Medicare and replace it with block grants, among other hideous moves.

Topher Spiro (@TopherSpiro) sounded the alarm. Then McCain followed up and clarified that he might favor Graham-Cassidy after it undergoes a committee hearing, including open debate and the expected democratic good stuff that should have happened with the AHCA bill but didn’t.

The clock doesn’t run out on GOP attempts to kill Obamacare until September 30. The odds of an anti-Obamacare bill getting through normal Senate channels before that date… are not great. But Trumpcare has been The Bill That Will Not Die.

For now, we recommend you follow Topher Spiro, Ben Wikler, Andy Slavitt, and Celeste Pewter if you aren’t already. They will have news stupid-fast, along with specific actions you can take to fight back right there and then. Their Twitter handles are:






Now back to DACA. Some good news, which we’ve woven in at the appropriate places in the standing text. 

The Senate is starting to move on helping DACA enrollees, per this story from The Hill:


We’re recommending you continue to press your MoCs by calling and demanding that they write a law that protects those in the DACA program.

Ben Wikler (@benwikler) tweeted on September 5 that passing a law that will affect the DACA folks for the better is doable:

Vote-counters think we have the votes in both houses of Congress to pass the DREAM Act *right now.* Question is if leadership holds the vote

McConnell and Ryan will only hold the vote if they feel massive political pressure. Your channel to pressure them: your own Sens/Reps.


Here’s hoping the DACA fight doesn’t last as long as the Trumpcare fight.

Before calling your MoCs, check their web sites, Facebook pages, and Twitter feeds to see if they’ve said anything about DACA. Thank them if they spoke in favor, and berate them if they spoke against it or have said nothing.


Possible pro-DACA script for your MoCs: “Hello, I am (Firstname Lastname, and I live in town, zip code). I wanted to tell (Senator/House Rep Lastname) that I support the DACA program and the Dreamers, and I want him/her to pass a law that formally protects them–preferably a law that would not expire. The Dreamers deserve the chance to stay here and become citizens officially. Thank you.”



More than a dozen state attorneys general have stepped up to help DACA-folk by suing the federal government over its plan to take away the program.

Here are the states whose AGs are doing the right thing:

New York



District of Columbia


New Mexico



North Carolina


Rhode Island







See an article from The Hill on the lawsuit:


California is pursuing a separate suit to force the government to protect the DACA enrollees.

Read about California’s go-it-alone pro-DACA lawsuit:


Nine other state AGs threatened to sue the government if it didn’t kill DACA. Those nine states are:







South Carolina

West Virginia


The AG of a tenth state, Tennessee, backed out of the anti-DACA lawsuit.


Is your state AG doing the right thing? The wrong thing? Or nothing? Call and let them know that you support DACA and they should, too.


To learn who your attorney general is, plug your address into this search engine:

Scroll down about halfway for your state reps. The name of your attorney general should be there. Click the plus sign to the right of the name and it’ll give you the phone number for your AG’s office.

But before you call, google your AG’s name. Check his or her website and social media platforms. Make note of whether there are any statements about DACA. Be ready to thank or shame the AG accordingly.


And remember–be unfailingly polite; don’t call until and unless you can be unfailingly polite (rehearse the script first, out loud, if you need to); and only call the attorney general for your home state.


Sample pro-DACA-lawsuit script for your state AG: “Hello, I am (Firstname Lastname, and I live in town, zip code). I wanted to tell the state attorney general that I support the DACA program and I want him/her to sue the federal government now that Trump has moved to abolish it. Please tell the AG that he/she has my support if he/she initiates or joins a lawsuit to protect DACA and the Dreamers. Thank you.”

Sample script for one of the nine state AGs who threatened to sue Trump to stop DACA: “Hello, I am (Firstname Lastname, and I live in town, zip code). I wanted to tell the state attorney general that I support the DACA program and I want him/her to know I am disgusted with his/her stance on the program and I will remember this when it comes time to (re-elect him/her, re-up his/her appointment). Thank you.”

Possible thank-you script for Tennessee AG Herbert Slatery, who withdraw from the anti-DACA lawsuit: “Hello, I am (Firstname Lastname, and I live in town, zip code). I wanted to tell the state attorney general that I support the DACA program and I want to thank him for leaving the group of attorneys general who are threatening to sue the federal government to end it. I appreciate him having the wisdom to change his mind, and I appreciate him having the strength and courage to do the right thing. Thank you.”


Now an updated roll call of #DefendDACA resources.


Here’s Indivisible’s #DefendDACA action kit:


To stay on top of DACA-related issues and the #DefendDACA effort, check the web page of United We Dream, the leading organization that protects and defends the Dreamers:


Follow United We Dream on Twitter:



And follow Adrian I. Reyna, director of membership and technology strategies for United We Dream, who has been giving practical advice to DACA-folk and their friends and family:



If you want to donate money to directly help those participating in DACA, there are any number of fundraisers for currently enrolled DACA-folk who need help paying their renewal fees before the October 5 deadline.

Follow Muna Mire on Twitter, who is all over compiling and tracking online fundraisers for people who need help with DACA fees:



Here’s United We Dream’s FAQ on the end of DACA and what it might mean:


Here’s a good no-nonsense rundown from Teen Vogue on DACA and the consequences of removing it: