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Defend DACA and ACA: September 11 Update

Today you have to defend the Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Yeah, really. 

We’re asking you to call and support bipartisan efforts to stabilize the ACA today because the odds are good that Senators Bill Cassidy and Lindsay Graham may introduce their amendment to the GOP health care bill.

If it passes, it would be a disaster for people who actually need health care. The odds are long–they’d have to get the bill through various hurdles before the September 30 deadline–but seeing as killing Obamacare has been a Captain Ahab versus the white whale situation with Republicans, we are asking you to call your reps today and stick up for stabilizing the ACA.

Below, we will give you a sample script that combines defending DACA and ACA.

Also, on ACA, we recommend you follow Topher Spiro, Ben Wikler, Andy Slavitt, and Celeste Pewter if you aren’t already. They will have news stupid-fast, along with specific actions you can take to fight back right there and then. Their Twitter handles are:






Read about Senator Graham’s quest to repeal Obamacare somehow, anyhow:


We still need to pursue DACA. These people need help, and the Congressional iron is still hot, per Ben Wikler (@benwikler). He tweeted on September 5 that passing a law that will affect the DACA folks for the better is doable:

Vote-counters think we have the votes in both houses of Congress to pass the DREAM Act *right now.* Question is if leadership holds the vote

McConnell and Ryan will only hold the vote if they feel massive political pressure. Your channel to pressure them: your own Sens/Reps.


We expect to, at minimum, alternate updated calls to action on DACA/ACA with scheduled posts for a little while. We’ll adjust as necessary.

Combo DACA/ACA script for your MoCs is below, but–before calling them, check their web sites, Facebook pages, and Twitter feeds to see if they’ve said anything about DACA, bipartisan efforts to shore up ACA, or Cassidy-Graham. Thank them and berate them accordingly.


Sample script: “Hello, I am (Firstname Lastname, and I live in town, zip code). I wanted to tell (Senator/House Rep Lastname) that I support the DACA program and the Dreamers, and I want him/her to pass a law that formally protects them–preferably a law that would not expire. The Dreamers deserve the chance to stay here and become citizens officially.

I am also asking (Senator/House Rep Lastname) to support efforts to stabilize the Affordable Care Act and resist the Trump administration’s attempts to withhold Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) payments. The CSRs are key to making health care markets function. Dithering on them causes needless chaos.

I would also ask (Senator Lastname) to refuse to support the Cassidy-Graham amendment, which could be introduced today. It would gut Medicaid and CSRs and leave millions without care. Thank you for listening.”


Read about the likely effects of Cassidy-Graham:


And here is the previous roll call of #DefendDACA resources.


Here’s Indivisible’s #DefendDACA action kit:


To stay on top of DACA-related issues and the #DefendDACA effort, check the web page of United We Dream, the leading organization that protects and defends the Dreamers:


Follow United We Dream on Twitter:



And follow Adrian I. Reyna, director of membership and technology strategies for United We Dream, who has been giving practical advice to DACA-folk and their friends and family:



If you want to donate money to directly help those participating in DACA, there are any number of fundraisers for currently enrolled DACA-folk who need help paying their renewal fees before the October 5 deadline.

Follow Muna Mire on Twitter, who is all over compiling and tracking online fundraisers for people who need help with DACA fees:



Here’s United We Dream’s FAQ on the end of DACA and what it might mean:


Here’s a good no-nonsense rundown from Teen Vogue on DACA and the consequences of removing it: