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Join the Postcard GOTV Campaign for Democrat Dr. Kathie Allen, Who’s Running for Jason Chaffetz’s House Seat

Join the get out the vote (GOTV) postcard campaign for Democrat Dr. Kathie Allen, who’s running for the Utah house seat being vacated by Republican Jason Chaffetz.

We wrote about Dr. Allen back in April (she announced her candidacy well before Chaffetz quit–scroll down for a link to the OTYCD post on her) and we’re thrilled that she was chosen as the focus for one of Tony the Democrat’s GOTV postcard campaigns!

The special election for Chaffetz’s house seat, in Utah’s 3rd District, will be held Tuesday, November 7.

If you want to receive a handful of addresses, text HELLO to Abby the Address Bot:

484.ASK.ABBY aka 484.275.2229

If you want a lot more than five addresses at a time, or texting isn’t convenient for you, email:

Postcards    @   TonyTheDemocrat.org

All postcards should be in the mail no later than October 31, but given the way that Tony’s army of postcard-writers is growing, they might burn through the whole address list well before Halloween.

You’ll receive a full set of guidelines with your rack of addresses, but know that all postcards should include the following information:

Elect Democrat Kathie Allen to Congress for Utah’s 3rd District.

Vote Tuesday, November 7th.

Dr. Allen is trained to consider facts, diagnose problems, and find solutions.


If you have room, you can add something like:

Ask your friends and family to vote Democrat in this special election.

When we vote, we win.

Thank you for your time and your vote!


Read the April 2017 OTYCD post on Dr. Kathie Allen’s run for Chaffetz’s now-vacated House seat:



Since we wrote that post and loaded it with links, Dr. Allen launched a spiffy campaign web site:



Here’s her Meet Kathie page:



Here’s her Issues page:



Donate to Dr. Allen’s campaign:



Volunteer for Dr. Allen:



Like her on Facebook:



Follow her on Twitter:



Since we first wrote about Dr. Allen, she gained the endorsement of 314 Action, one of our favorite orgs. Here’s her 314 Action page:



Here’s a profile story on Dr. Allen from Vogue: