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Support Democrat Laura Shaw’s Run for the New Jersey Legislature

Support Democrat Laura Shaw, who hopes to win a seat in New Jersey’s state legislature on November 7, 2017. 

In addition to spotlighting five Virginia state-level candidates chosen by Flippable for the upcoming race in November, we at OTYCD are also devoting posts to six candidates chosen by 314 Action whose races fall in 2017. 314 Action is an organization that boosts hopefuls who have STEM backgrounds.

Shaw began coding in high school. She’s worked for Bell Labs as an engineer and an executive. She retired from a 30-year career in telecommunications not long before Trump was elected. Shocked, just as the rest of us were, she realized what her new mission should be.

She supports efforts to fully fund state public schools and shore up the state pension plan. She wants to create affordable housing. She wants to end gerrymandering and bar dark money funding of campaign. She supports civil rights and measures that would fight bigotry. She wants to improve the state’s infrastructure by funding and improving mass transit. She would urge the new governor to put the state back on a path to running itself with clean energy as much as possible.


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