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Fight the GOP Tax Bill, Which Has Become Trojan Horse Trumpcare, Oct 18 Update

Call your MoCs to say NO to the tax cut bill that Trump and the GOP are proposing.

Because the tax bill is also trying to rewrite health care, we will nudge you to call on the tax bill every other day until further notice. These posts will be interlaced with other posts that address how to fight Trump and the GOP’s broader attack on the Affordable Care Act.

Subscribers will receive these pieces as new posts; we apologize for the repeats.

In late September, just as Trumpcare 3.1 was given up for dead, Trump and the GOP unveiled their plans to “reform” the U.S. tax code.

You won’t be surprised to learn that it sucks, and it doesn’t do what Trump claims it does.

Worse still, health care reporter Andy Slavitt (@ASlavitt) has picked up on a new GOP strategy that he dubs Synthetic Repeal.

Synthetic Repeal covers several actions, but one of them is tucking cuts to Medicaid into the tax bill now under discussion.

We’re reproducing some of Slavitt’s October 5 chain of tweets on this below:


GOP is now trying to create what I call “synthetic repeal.” Before I explain what that means let me tell you why this is happening.

GOP has 7 years of promises and a lot of fundraising to pay back. Moore’s win in AL punctuates the point that the R base is very unhappy.

GOP needs to compete in primaries & fundraise. Make no mistake that is a 2018 reality weighing on them.

Three strategic choices: a- say repeal failed & move on b- promise to try again next yr c- “synthetic repeal”. First step is “c”.

Synthetic repeal allows them 2 say: sure, we didn’t repeal the ACA because of RINO holdouts, but before long it will be effectively done.

Synthetic repeal goes after ALL the big cahuanas: huge Medicaid cuts, pre-ex protections & the mandates. WITHOUT REPLACEMENTS.

CBO would score the synthetic repeal an absolute disaster.

The tools for synthetic repeal are: – An Executive Order coming next week – The budget/tax plan – Sabotage of the ACA (not even denied)

The EO allows “association health plans”– ability for plans to be offered with no pre-ex protections & turn ACA into a high risk pool.

In states that have done things like this, like TN, premiums have skyrocketed and competitors have left the market.

This Executive Order next week is a massive undermining of state’s, insurance markets & American families.

Anyone will be able to create a plan that usurps state authority. And across state lines. Graham Cassidy “state’s rights” (he followed this with several laugh-till-you-cry emoji)

The tax cut is the other side of the nickel of Medicaid cuts. Rs will need Medicaid 2 deal w

$1 trillion+ shortfall 2 balanced budget.

From their standpoint, either vehicle could work.
(Then he pointed to an earlier tweet of his that said:
One Senator said to me tonight: the health care bill was about hidden tax cuts. Now
the tax bill is about hidden health care cuts. (Bold is ours)
In fact, I’ve heard some say tax vehicle will be easier for Rs because opposition
won’t recognize it as a health care fight. (Again, bold is ours)
The troubling part (yeah, there’s a troubling part) is it can be done with much less public
recognition of it all. Cc: boiling frog.
On October 6, Slavitt tweeted ways to fight Synthetic Repeal. Below we cite the tweets
that relate to the tax bill:
The final critical area of opposing is to oppose the
currently being debated.
We have updated the calling script on the GOP tax bill to reflect the Medicaid cuts.
To stay on top of Synthetic Repeal, follow Slavitt on Twitter:
Original text of the post follows.


If Trump and his minions got their way, they’d repeal the estate tax, which only kicks in for those passing on wealth amounting to $11 million or more.

The bill would raise the lowest tax bracket and lower the highest tax bracket, which means those subject to the lowest bracket would pay more tax and those who qualify for the highest tax bracket would pay less.

The bill also proposes doing away with the provision that allows filers to deduct state and local taxes, which would hurt residents in blue states such as California, New York, and New Jersey.

Trump claims that he would not personally benefit from the proposed changes. This New York Times article shows that Trump would receive more than $1 billion extra:

Trump claims the bill won’t benefit the rich. It will, and it would benefit the rich most of all, as these articles show:


Also consider that the bill would add $2.4 trillion to the deficit over the next 10 years (funny how Republicans lose interest in this when they’re in power).

And let’s not forget that Trump has yet to release his own tax returns in full, which he promised to do during the 2016 campaign.


Please call your MoCs to oppose Trump’s tax bill. Please check their websites and social media feeds before you call to see if they’ve said anything about the bill, and thank or shame them accordingly.

If your Senators include any of the following Republicans, it is extra-important for you to call:


Bob Corker, Tennessee

John McCain, Arizona

Rand Paul, Kentucky

Pat Toomey, Pennsylvania

Orrin Hatch, Utah

Susan Collins, Maine


This Bloomberg article explains why:


Now the script: “Dear Senator/House Rep (Lastname), I am (Firstname Lastname from town, zip code). I am calling to ask you to oppose the tax bill being put forward by Trump and the GOP. It would eliminate the estate tax, which is a terrible idea. Part of what makes America America is that we don’t have a landed gentry, like they do in Europe. The estate tax ensures that scourge does not take root here. It also takes away the chance to deduct state taxes, which is insane, and designed to punish blue states in particular. It contains drastic cuts to Medicaid that the Republicans tried to pass in the failed Trumpcare bills. And if it was passed, it’d increase the deficit by $2.4 trillion over 10 years. Any tax legislation on this size and scale should be revenue-neutral. And lastly, we shouldn’t be taking up plans that would give Donald Trump a tax break without him first revealing his tax returns, as he promised to do when he was a candidate. Thank you.”


Read more about the tax bill: