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Support Democrat Kathryn Allen’s Bid to Win Chaffetz’s House Seat

Update: Kathie Allen pulled in 27.1 percent of the vote in the November 7, 2017 special election for the Utah house seat. Unfortunately, Republican John Curtis drew 57.6 percent of the vote.

See the Ballotpedia page:


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Are you pissed off by Utah Republican House Rep Jason Chaffetz’s feckless leadership of the House Ethics Committee? Support Democrat Kathryn Allen’s 2018 bid to represent Utah’s 3rd District.

(Note: On April 19, Chaffetz announced he would not run to defend his house seat in 2018. But the list of reasons that make him an odious candidate are still true, so we’re leaving them in place.)

In his tenure at the head of the House Ethics Committee, Chaffetz has distinguished himself, after a fashion, by being an absolute bulldog on any possible hint of a whisper of an ethics violation by Hillary Clinton, but rolling over and playing dead when confronted with the many and legion ethics violations committed by Trump (with the notable exception of recommending that Kellyanne Conway be reprimanded for blatantly endorsing Ivanka Trump products, and asking for the Comey memo).

Normally, Chaffetz would be seen as tough to dislodge. Ballotopedia shows that he won his last House race with about 75 percent of the vote. But his cowardly, shameful, and piss-poor reactions to Trump, and to the constituents who called Chaffetz out in person at town hall meetings a few months back, have energized the opposition.

On March 6, Allen set a new one-day fundraising record on CrowdPac, a political crowdfunding site, when she took in $40,000. That happened to be the day when Chaffetz  made his clueless comment about Americans needing to choose between buying an iPhone and paying for health care. Allen, being a family physician, knows damn well what the truth of the matter is, and she reaped what Chaffetz sowed.

As of early April, she had collected more than $506,000 of her $550,000 fundraising goal for the 2018 house race. Please donate or start saving money to donate to Allen’s 2018 campaign.

See Kathryn Allen’s CrowdPac page, and donate to her campaign:


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