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Mail Postcards to GOTV for Alabama Senate Candidate Doug Jones. GREAT UPDATE! Doug Jones WON! Thank you!

Mail postcards to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) for Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate for the open Senate seat in Alabama. Tony the Democrat is calling all hands on deck–this means you, plus your friends, too.

Final update: Around 10 pm EST on the night of December 12, media outlets began calling the special election for the open Alabama Senate seat for Democrat Doug Jones. Wow, it feels good to type that. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

Progress report, November 12: Today, Tony the Democrat tweeted on the @DemocratWit account that over the past 10 days, 1,660 writers have mailed more than 56,000 GOTV postcards for Doug Jones.

It’s unclear how much of a dent this makes in the list, which covers Democratic voters in the entire state. Tony joked there were ‘billions and billions’ on it (if you get this Johnny Carson/Carl Sagan reference, Sarah Jane loves you).

In related news–Harry Enten, a senior political writer and analyst for 538, tweeted (his handle is @ForecasterEnten) that a new poll would appear on Monday November 13 at 11 am Central time that would show Doug Jones with his first lead over Roy Moore:

I can report (unless my sources have failed me) that tomorrow will showcase the first public poll to show Doug Jones with a lead in the AL-Senate race. This race is very real.

Per Tony the Democrat, we have 24 viable writing days until the special election on December 12. Please join the postcard-writing team, and please recruit friends to join you!

Original post text follows:

Alabama voters are faced with a stark choice on December 12, 2017: elect a man who put two Ku Klux Klan terrorists in jail for the infamous 1963 bombing at a Birmingham church, or elect the former judge who was booted from the state’s Supreme Court twice for flouting the rule of law. (The first time, he defied federal court orders to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the grounds of the Alabama Judicial Building. The second time, he told state judges to continue banning same-sex marriage though it had been ruled unconstitutional.)

Jones is putting up a heroic showing against Moore. A Fox News poll taken on October 17, 2017 showed each man with 42 percent of the vote–tied! In blood-red Alabama! (To be fair, other polls, which all sampled “likely voters” from Alabama instead of registered voters, show a six- to eleven-point gap between the candidates.)

Jones is accepting the help of the 4,000-strong postcard-writing army raised by Tony the Democrat, but Tony needs an even bigger army for this task, the first general statewide Congressional campaign he and his compatriots have tackled.

Tony is asking every member to write and mail five postcards AND recruit five friends to write five postcards each to GOTV for Doug Jones.


If you want to receive a handful of addresses, text HELLO to Abby the Address Bot:

484.ASK.ABBY aka 484.275.2229

If you want a lot more than five addresses at a time, or texting isn’t convenient for you, email:

Postcards    @


General rules that apply to all Tony the Democrat postcard campaigns:


Write legibly.

Choose your postcard designs wisely. Stick to neutral, benign imagery.

Mail completed postcards daily.

Best not to sign your postcards at all, but if you must, use your initials or your first name.

Only write to each voter once.

If you photograph your finished postcards to post on social media, always make sure to cover up or blur the addresses.

Stick to homegrown-looking postcards. Don’t use the candidate’s campaign graphics or imagery.

Stick to the talking points.

Contact Tony and his team if you have questions.

When addressing the postcards, don’t assume that every voter in the household is a registered Democrat. Stick to greetings such as ‘Important Voter’ or ‘Best Voter Ever’.


Every postcard for Doug Jones needs to say the following phrases:

Democrat Doug Jones is running for U.S. Senate.

Election Day is Tuesday, December 12.

Liberty and justice for all have been Doug’s life’s work.


Again, please send postcards daily, as you complete a batch, but know that the deadline for mailing tends to be a week before the election.


Read about the October 2017 Fox News poll that shows Moore and Jones as tied:



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