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Spread the Word: Affordable Care Act Sign-Up Season Is On NOW Until Dec 15, 2017

Spread the Word: The open enrollment period for 2018 for the Affordable Care Act lasts from November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017.

The Trump administration has slashed, and almost eliminated, the promotional budget for ACA enrollment–by some reports, as much as 90 percent. The administration also significantly shortened the enrollment period. It’s part of its ongoing efforts to make the ACA fail.

One way you can support the ACA, also known as Obamacare, is to spread the word about the 2018 enrollment period. It’s unfortunate that it comes to this, but by taking it upon yourself to let people know that now is the time to sign up for the ACA, you can defeat the government’s efforts to cripple and kill the law.

As we prepare this post, the pinned tweets on the landing pages for Spiro and Andy Slavitt were about the enrollment period. Spiro’s includes a pleasing graphic that mentions the need to go to

Their Twitter handles are:




Spiro doesn’t seem to be on Facebook, but Slavitt is. Watch his page for something you can repost on this topic:


Please tweet and post this information early and often, throughout the 2018 enrollment period. We at OTYCD will repost this message daily during the short window. If you subscribe to the blog or follow us on Twitter, it will show up more than once (sorry about that).


Read about the cuts to the ACA enrollment period promotional budget: