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Support #GOP4Jones, A Movement By Independents and Republicans to Make Democrat Doug Jones Alabama’s Next Senator. GREAT UPDATE! JONES WON!

Support #GOP4Jones, a movement by Independents and Republicans who can’t stomach the thought of voting for Republican candidate Roy Moore to fill the Alabama Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions.

Update: Around 10 pm EST on the night of December 12, media outlets began calling the special election for the open Alabama Senate seat for Democrat Doug Jones. Hooray!

Roy Moore is a terrible candidate for any office, let alone a Senate seat. The racist, bigoted theocrat was removed from his state’s Supreme Court twice for flouting the law. Democrat Doug Jones could not be more of an improvement. He helped put two Ku Klux Klan terrorists in jail, where they remain, and he has promised to work with his fellow senators to find common ground. The two will face off in a special election on December 12, 2017.

What might not be clear to outsiders is how fed up some Alabamans are with Moore’s shens.

@mostlybree tweeted to the Twitter sage Alexandra Erin (@alexandraerin):

Yep. All around me, I see it building. Also people outside of AL can’t really understand how tired a lot of people are of Moore, man.

Karla Archer (@karlaarcher) also tweeted:

Too bad you don’t live here – otherwise you’d see the big push across the state for Jones. Not just blue/Dems — Lots of . But hang on to that narrative if it helps you get through your day.

The second tweet appeared under the #GOP4Jones hashtag, reflecting a movement by Independents and Republicans to throw their support to the Democrat.

The budding movement was covered by an Alabama paper on November 7, 2017:


We at OTYCD wrote this post before the Washington Post published its story about the four women who report that Moore initiated sexual encounters with them when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s. One victim was 14 at the time–a child.

In case you missed the story, here it is:


Moore, of course, is claiming he’s being unfairly targeted, though the story is solidly sourced and based on interviews with 30 people in total. These new allegations have jolted Republicans. Two senators, Mike Lee of Utah and Steve Daines of Montana, withdrew their endorsements of Moore, and the party is reportedly seeking ways to delay the special election* in the hopes that having more time will help them convince Moore to withdraw from the race, or field a write-in candidate, or perhaps refuse to seat Moore if he should win.

See the New York Times story on how the GOP is reacting to the latest Moore revelations:

*Update: Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has declined to move the date of the special election, per this article:


We at OTYCD encourage readers to support Alabamans of all political persuasions who want to stop Roy Moore from becoming their next senator.

The first rule, as always, is don’t be an asshole.

Recognize that these are special circumstances, and many Alabama Independents and Republicans are turning to Jones because Moore really is just that awful. Respect their choice, and respect the fact that many will go back to being Independents and Republicans when the election is over.

To break this out more clearly and explicitly:

Welcome the Independents and Republicans with warmth and grace.

Keep showing them warmth and grace before, during, and after the special election on December 12.

Don’t assume that by choosing to vote for this particular Democrat in this particular Congressional race, these folks have now become Democrats or will become Democrats anytime soon.

Respect the #GOP4Jones folks overall, and not just because their most recent political choice is one with which you happen to agree. Respect does not require that you endorse or approve of their choices, btw. It’s about letting them be fully human, and it’s about building the bonds that will let you cooperate with them again in the future.

We clear? Good. Now here are some other things that you can do.

If you work fast, you can use your dollars to help the #GOP4Jones cause. A graphic designer who goes by the initials JH has created an attractive GOP For Jones lawn sign. See it here:

As of November 8, the signs are only available in the Alabama counties of Baldwin and Mobile because of limited supply. JH is charging $10, which is just enough to cover the printing costs.

Update: As of 8 pm EST on November 11, the GOP For Jones signs are available throughout the state of Alabama. Thanks to all the many generous donors who made the bigger print run a reality!

Donations for future press runs are accepted. If you can afford to give, please do:


In addition, two Twitter accounts have launched to support Alabamans who don’t typically vote for Democrats, but who want to support Doug Jones. They are:




Moderates for Doug also has a Facebook page:


Please spread the word!