Keep an Eye on Tom Taylor, Who Will Challenge Utah House Rep Mia Love in 2018

Keep an eye on Democrat Tom Taylor, who will run against Republican Utah House Rep Mia Love for the 4th District seat in 2018. 

Taylor is a longtime Salt Lake City resident and a married father of one. He earned a Ph.D in robotics from the University of Utah. He pledges to create laws that are based on evidence, and hooray for that.

He supports Medicare for all. He specifically lists fighting economic inequality and ending gerrymandering, and enacting campaign finance reform as planks in his campaign platform. He wants to strengthen public schools, and he calls out Betsy DeVos by name on the Issues page of his web site, under ‘Strengthen Our Educational System’. He’ll counter climate change and will protect public lands from corporate exploitation.

Love is in her second term. Ballotpedia called the 2016 house election in this district a “Race to Watch,” and Love ultimately beat her Democratic challenger by five points. The 4th Congressional district covers central Utah and is relatively new, having been created after the 2010 census.


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