Keep an Eye on Mike Levin, Who Is Aiming to Push California Republican Darrell Issa Out of His House Seat

Keep an eye on Mike Levin, a Democrat who’s running against incumbent Republican Darrell Issa for the House of Representatives seat in California’s 49th District. 

Issa is widely considered to be vulnerable to defeat in 2018. He won reelection in 2016 by just one point. Nate Cohn, writing for The Upshot in the New York Times, deemed him “probably the nation’s most vulnerable incumbent.”

Mike Levin, a California lawyer and a married father of two, aims to defeat Issa. He’s a democrat who embraces sustainable energy and has long experience with it, having co-founded Sustain OC (Orange County) and serving on the board of the San Diego-based Center for Sustainable Energy.

Levin also supports campaign finance reform, defends public education, and wants to increase funding for the National Institutes of Health. He favors shoring up the ACA with an eye toward shifting to Medicare for all in the future. He is pro-choice and pro-LGBT rights.


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