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Buy Hillary Clinton’s Book. Buy It a Lot. Buy It Some More. Give It to Friends. Do So Knowing It’ll Annoy the Crap Out of Her Enemies.

This OTYCD entry originally posted in September 2017.

Buy Hillary Rodham Clinton’s book, What Happened. Buy it in multiple forms–hardback, Kindle, audiobook. Give it to friends. Give it as gifts. Do so knowing it’ll annoy the crap out of her enemies.

As we prepare this blog post, What Happened is not yet out (its official release date is September 12, 2017). Some advance reviews and other forms of coverage are out, though, and some of them are pretty damned insulting.

A September 9 piece in the New York Times Sunday Review section starts, “What’s to be done with Hillary Clinton, the woman who won’t go away?” Really? Did anyone ask that of Al Gore, or John Kerry, or John McCain, or Mitt Romney?

And of course, those who have made careers out of hating and fearing Clinton are spinning up in anticipation of feasting on her account of the 2016 election.

We at OTYCD hadn’t even considered doing a post on What Happened until our Twitter feed started to fill with anti-Clinton nonsense. That changed our collective tune.

Let’s be clear–we know it’s about the 2016 election. We know Clinton wrote it, and she’s written half a dozen other books, so it probably won’t suck. But we don’t know what’s in it beyond what the media has reported.

That said? We are asking you to consider buying the book if you can, paying full retail. If your budget allows, buy more than one copy and give the extras away as gifts. If you’re in a book club, float it as a future choice.

If you can’t buy the book, reserve a copy at your library. Even if the waiting list is ludicrously long, add your name to it anyway. If demand is strong enough, your library will have to consider buying more copies.

Getting behind What Happened is a great way to flip the bird at all the assholes who’ve been spouting bullshit about Clinton for decades, and a great way to show support for Clinton herself. As of September 10, two days before its release, What Happened was already a best-seller, and the What Happened book tour was sold out at many stops. We expect tour tickets will sell out completely by the time this post goes live. People are already showing strong, fierce interest in this book. Please consider joining them.


Order What Happened from independent bookstores:


Read advance coverage of What Happened:

And hey, are you following Hillary Clinton on Twitter? No? How about you fix that?


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