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Help Elizabeth Warren By Buying “Nevertheless She Persisted” Merch

This OTYCD entry originally posted in August 2017.

Help Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren build her war chest for 2018 by buying “Nevertheless, She Persisted” merchandise.

Mitch McConnell handed Warren the perfect autobiography title when he shut her down during confirmation hearings for attorney general Jeff Sessions. When she attempted to read a letter that Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King, Jr., wrote in the 1980s when Sessions was up for a judgeship, McConnell invoked an obscure Senate rule to make her stop. Warren tried to keep going. In relaying the incident later, McConnell said, “Nevertheless, she persisted,” and gave rise to an immortal phrase gleefully embraced by the Resistance.

Damn near immediately, Etsy, CafePress, and the like were inundated with “Nevertheless, She Persisted” products. While some donated all profits, or at least a portion, to Warren’s campaign (she’s due to run for a second six-year term in 2018), not all did, and it can be hard to tell at a glance which sales help her.

Worry not: Warren’s campaign has a shop. Below are links to several ‘Nevertheless, She Persisted’ items. If you buy them, you can be certain that Elizabeth Warren will benefit directly.

A caution: Products periodically sell out. (As of mid-June 2017, the temporary tattoos were out of stock.) You may have to wait for your favorites to reappear.


Here’s the main link for Warren’s online store:



Buy the “Nevertheless, She Persisted” pink pussy hat:

"Nevertheless She Persisted" Rally Hat


Buy the “Nevertheless, She Persisted” t-shirt:

"Nevertheless She Persisted" T-shirt


Buy the “Nevertheless, She Persisted” bumper sticker:

"Nevertheless She Persisted" Bumper Sticker


Buy the “Nevertheless, She Persisted” travel mug:

"Nevertheless She Persisted" Travel Mug

Buy the “Nevertheless, She Persisted” campaign button (pack of three):

"Nevertheless She Persisted" Campaign Buttons (Pack of Three)


Donate to Elizabeth Warren’s 2018 Senatorial re-election campaign:





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