Fight the GOP Tax Bill, December 19 Update: The House of Representatives Votes TODAY (and Maybe the Senate Tonight)

This is your December 19 update on fighting the GOP tax bill.

The House of Representatives is expected to vote TODAY, December 19, on the GOP tax bill.

If you haven’t called yet to say no to it, or haven’t called in a while, at the very least, call your House Rep and voice your opposition.

The Senate could vote on the bill as early as tonight. Celeste Pewter (@Celeste_Pewter) retweeted @NBCPolitics on December 18:

On Senate floor, John Cornyn says Senate could vote on tax reform as early as Tuesday night.

When making your calls (scripts, courtesy of Celeste Pewter, are below), call your House Rep first, then your Senators, then your governor (to ask him or her to voice their opposition to the bill, which will affect the funding their state receives).


The Republicans are steaming ahead despite the rampant unpopularity of their bill:




It should be noted that during reconciliation, some of the worst provisions in the GOP tax bill were in fact removed (for which you can thank Democrats, mostly). On December 15, Sahil Kapur (@sahilkapur), a national reporter with Bloomberg, tweeted:

Provisions REMOVED from final tax bill, per Hill sources familiar with it: —

Higher ed tuition waiver tax —

Student loan deduction removal —

Medical expense deduction axing —

Johnson amendment repeal —

Fetal “personhood” language


…this doesn’t represent formal confirmation, however, and there are still a lot of bad things in the bill.

When you make your calls, call your house rep first, and then your senators. And ask your friends and family to call, too.

Here is a calling script for your House Rep and Senators, from @Celeste_Pewter, who you should be following on Twitter if you aren’t already:

Here also is a @Celeste_Pewter script for calling your governor, who will definitely be affected by the tax bill:


And here are more things you might want to know:

#NotOnePenny has GOP tax bill protests scheduled until December 21 at least. Check this link to find one near you:



If you are represented in the senate by Bob Corker of Tennessee or Jeff Flake of Arizona, it’s extra-super-important that you call, or urge friends and family who live there to call, since Susan Collins of Maine said publicly on December 18 that she intended to vote yes.

But again, remember–only call those senators if they represent you personally. Do not call if you don’t live in their states. Their offices won’t listen to you, and you’ll have occupied a line that an actual constituent could use.


Here also are several other folks aside from @MichaelSLinden, @Celeste_Pewter, @TopherSpiro, and @aslavitt who you should be following on Twitter to stay on top of the GOP tax bill, which is morphing constantly, like a suspect science experiment in a horror movie. Some of these people are old friends from the Trumpcare fights. Some are tax experts.

Ben Wikler @benwikler

Seth Hanlon @sethhanlon

Sunjeev Bery @sunjeevbery

Lily Batchelder @lilybatch

Greg Leiserson @gregleiserson

Chad Bolt @chadderr


Here also are two more recent posts that relate to the GOP tax bill and its effects that you should see if you haven’t yet:




One last note, which we’ve stated before: Even if this bill ultimately implodes and never becomes law, we still need to vote out every Republican that we can in 2018. This whole process has been nothing less than legislative malpractice. They should be punished for aiding and abetting it. Period.