Fight the GOP Tax Bill, December 20 Update

This is your December 20 update on fighting the GOP tax bill.


So, updates.


Late last night, the Senate voted 51-48 for the bill. Of course it was along party lines. They did this without having seated Alabama Senator-elect Doug Jones. They did this without following normal order.

More evidence of how much they flouted normal order came earlier yesterday, when the House of Representatives voted and were told they had to vote again today because they screwed up a few things.

They will vote again this morning, and by ‘morning’ we mean EST.

You can do one more thing right now to fight this tax bill. You can call your House Rep again to ask them to vote no. (Scroll down a smidge for a script.)

Check this New York Times piece to see if your House Rep voted yes on the reconciliation bill yesterday. If they did, give them a piece of your mind (politely). If they didn’t, thank them for voting no.


The Republicans are steaming ahead despite the rampant unpopularity of their bill:




It should be noted that during reconciliation, some of the worst provisions in the GOP tax bill were in fact removed (for which you can thank Democrats, mostly). On December 15, Sahil Kapur (@sahilkapur), a national reporter with Bloomberg, tweeted:

Provisions REMOVED from final tax bill, per Hill sources familiar with it: —

Higher ed tuition waiver tax —

Student loan deduction removal —

Medical expense deduction axing —

Johnson amendment repeal —

Fetal “personhood” language


…this doesn’t represent formal confirmation, however, and there are still a lot of bad things in the bill.


Today, please call your house rep one last time.

Here are calling scripts from @Celeste_Pewter, who you should be following on Twitter if you aren’t already. There’s one for your House Rep, one for Senators who voted yes, and one for Senators who voted no:




Here are more things you might want to know:

#NotOnePenny has GOP tax bill protests scheduled until December 21 at least. Check this link to find one near you:



Here also are several other folks aside from @MichaelSLinden, @Celeste_Pewter, @TopherSpiro, and @aslavitt who you should be following on Twitter to stay on top of the GOP tax bill, which is morphing constantly, like a suspect science experiment in a horror movie. Some of these people are old friends from the Trumpcare fights. Some are tax experts.

Ben Wikler @benwikler

Seth Hanlon @sethhanlon

Sunjeev Bery @sunjeevbery

Lily Batchelder @lilybatch

Greg Leiserson @gregleiserson

Chad Bolt @chadderr


Here also are two more recent posts that relate to the GOP tax bill and its effects that you should see if you haven’t yet:




One last note, which we’ve stated before: Even if this bill ultimately implodes and never becomes law, we still need to vote out every Republican that we can in 2018. This whole process has been nothing less than legislative malpractice. They should be punished for aiding and abetting it. Period.