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Help Lin-Manuel Miranda Give Toys to Puerto Rican Children for Three Kings’ Day 2018

Help Lin-Manuel Miranda by donating toys to give to Puerto Rico’s children for Three Kings’ Day on January 6, 2018.

Miranda has been doing heroic work for the people of Puerto Rico, who have, and still are, suffering in the wake of Hurricane Maria, which hit the commonwealth in September.

December 25 is not the main holiday event in Puerto Rico. Instead, they give gifts on Three King’s Day, aka Dia de los Reyes, aka Epiphany, aka the Adoration of the Magi, aka the Twelfth Day of Christmas (yes, the song is about the twelve days between December 25 and January 6, not the days leading up to December 25).

In the context of the Nativity story, Three King’s Day is when the three wise men, guided by the star of Bethlehem, found the baby Jesus and offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. While Christmas is edging up on its popularity, Three Kings’ Day is a Big Honking Deal in Puerto Rico (and throughout Latin America, for that matter).

Miranda is ensuring that Puerto Rican kids have a happy Three Kings’ Day 2018 by starting a toy drive for the island. He initially hoped to collect 10,000 donated toys. By December 22, he’d reached 20,000, and he’s now challenging us to give 30,000 toys by New Year’s Day.


See Miranda’s pinned tweet on the Three Kings’ Day toy drive, from December 22:

TOY DRIVE UPDATE: Just checked in, and we have blown past our goal of 20,000 Toys for the children of Puerto Rico! Your holiday spirit is UNSTOPPABLE. Three Kings’ Day is January 6. Can we get to 30K by New Years Day?


Here also, broken out separately, is the link for donating toys to Puerto Rico (Toys R Us has joined forces with Miranda on this effort). While you can’t choose it specifically, the $10 tier of donations includes a Moana doll as an example of what your donation can buy:


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