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Tell Mick Mulvaney What You Think of Trump’s Lousy, Insulting FY2018 Budget

This OTYCD entry originally posted in May 2017.

Get in touch with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), now headed by Mick Mulvaney, and tell him what you think of the recently announced FY2018 budget plan.

The plan itself, and the people who designed it, seemingly reek contempt for the American public. First, they put together a pile of cuts that are almost gratuitously cruel, with the aim of lightening the taxes of the wealthy–an aim that 77 percent of us don’t support, including some wealthy folks.

Second, the plan contains a $2 trillion math error. This document came from the budget office. Math is its goddamn job. How the hell do its stewards make a $2 trillion error, and how is it that no one catches it before the budget heads to the printer?

Third, when called on the error, Mulvaney basically said, “We meant to do that,” and gave an answer that implied that the budget numbers were legit and could work in the real world, and were not a malfunctioning heap of rubble.

Now, granted, the budget that the Trump people put out will not pass as written. More than one Republican senator called it “dead on arrival.” Still, it is so thoroughly riven with incompetence and bad faith that it amounts to a grave insult to all Americans, no matter how much we pay in taxes.

Make some time for the OMB and tell them off. Politely and respectfully, of course, but tell them off.

This is gross. This is wrong. We deserve better.


Call the OMB: 202.395.3080


Write to the OMB:

The Office of Management and Budget

725 17th Street, NW

Washington DC 20503


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