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Call Your MoCs to Oppose the Release of the Devin Nunes Memo and Demand the Enforcement of Sanctions Against Russia

Call your MoCs to oppose the release of the Devin Nunes memo, and demand enforcement of sanctions against Russia.


Sarah Jane here. This is going to be a perfunctory post as I’m ill with the flu. Will add article links later if I can.


Devin Nunes is threatening to release a memo that bears on the Trump-Russia probe that contains classified information. He’s been asked not to do this. The Republicans on his committee voted to allow its release and voted to bar the release of the Democratic memo on the same topic.


Late last night the White House said they would not move on it before Trump gives his State of the Union speech–so we have something of a reprieve.


We need to call our MoCs, starting with our House Reps, to make it clear that we don’t want the memo released at all, and if it is released, it should be reviewed first by the appropriate agencies and should be released with context.


Once again I direct you to @Celeste_Pewter, who you should be following on Twitter, for a script on this topic. I have included lead-up tweets for context and because one explains something that’s mentioned in the script.



ICYMI: the Republicans on House Intel have voted to release the memo, and refuse to release the opposing memo written by the Dems. (Apparently, the memo is being couriered over to the White House ATM)


I have many thoughts (and four-letter words) about the Nunes memo, but the overall point here is: you should be raising absolute hell with your electeds about these partisan plays. Scripts TK shortly.


Some GOP members have gone public in saying they should discuss this as a full conference. I don’t think that’s a bad ask, if you have a GOP elected. Script. Also note: the GOP members of the committee pulled out an obscure rule that’s never been used in 40 years to do this.



Also: If your House Rep is on the House Intelligence committee, it’s extra-important for you to call.


Here’s the link that shows all the majority members, aka the Republicans:


And here’s the link that lists all the minority members, aka the Democrats:



On Monday, January 29, 2018, the Trump administration was due to enforce sanctions imposed on Russia for meddling in our elections, as required by a 2017 law.


The administration brushed off the requirement by claiming the threat of the sanctions was deterrent enough.


Yeah, bullshit. Here’s your @Celeste_Pewter calling script for that topic: