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Support and Join the Broward County Schools’ February 21 Walk-out to Protest America’s Lax Gun Laws and Its Lack of Mental Health Care Offerings

Support and join the students in Broward County, Florida schools’ walk-out to protest America’s lax gun laws and the lack of effective mental health care treatment. It takes place at noon EST on Wednesday, February 21, 2018.


On February 14, 2018, we heard the sickening news about the shooting at Margory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.


A total of 17 students and staff died at the hands of a former student who we will not name here because we want to keep the focus on the victims and their needs.


It was the third-deadliest school shooting on record.


But this shooting was different, and it might, at long last, break the death grip that the National Rifle Association (NRA) has on Congress and America’s political system generally.


The victims themselves spoke up, on site and on social media, blasting the inaction that allowed the shooting that happened and calling it out in eloquent, emotional, pointed words.


Seventeen-year-old senior David Hogg took the breath out of all who heard or read his words: “We’re children. You guys are the adults… Please, take action. Ideas are great… But what’s more important is actual action… saving thousands of children’s lives. Please, take action.”


The survivors and their neighbors and friends across Broward County, Florida, are taking action.


On Wednesday, February 21, 2018, at noon Eastern Standard Time, students across Broward Country will stage a walk-out to protest toothless gun laws and the piss-poor mental health treatment options on offer in America.


Please show your support for the students however you can.


If you live in Broward County, Florida, consider joining the walk-out or helping the kids in some way. Maybe bring pizza and bottles of water. It happens at lunchtime, after all.


If you are a teacher or a school administrator in Broward County, Florida, join your students who walk out, or at the very least, don’t stop them.


If you are students elsewhere in America, see if you can arrange a walk-out for noon your time, whatever time zone you’re in.


If you are teachers or a school administrator elsewhere in America, support any students who want to stage their own sympathy walk-outs, and consider joining them.


Also maybe see about getting the protestors lunch, if the walk-out overlaps the normal lunch time at your school. Maybe a local restaurant will donate food and drinks.


If you can’t physically join a walkout on Wednesday, follow the #DouglasStrong and #NeverAgain hashtags on social media, and spread the word about the walk-out campaign.


We at OTYCD intend to nurture and encourage the movement sparked by the Margory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting by devoting one post every other week to gun safety-related issues.


The reason that the NRA has a death grip on Congress, and in particular, GOP Congressfolk, is that NRA members get off their asses and call if there’s a whisper of a muttering of a hint that a law might pass that could impose even the slightest imposition on ownership of guns in America.


That’s what the politicians are afraid of. It’s not just that some of them get metric buttloads of money for their campaigns from the NRA. Those who embrace the NRA’s outlook pounce on their phones and berate their representatives the instant they think their beloved guns are under threat.


So, yes, once again, it’s on us to shout back.


We cannot assume our politicians know the right thing to do and will do it.


We have to adopt the tactics of those who support the NRA. We have to call our representatives often to make it damn clear that the status quo is goddamn unacceptable, and we want common-sense gun safety laws.


So, we at OTYCD will start out with one weekday post every two weeks, at minimum, that has to do with improving gun safety and pushing back against the NRA.


We do this in honor of the Parkland victims, and all victims of mass shootings in America, and everyone who has been fighting to change our laws on firearms all along.


If Trump finally bows to the will of Congress and imposes the sanctions against Russia for messing with the 2016 election, we will switch to devoting one post per week to these issues.


Scroll down for a Washington Post piece on the on-the-spot eloquence of the young Parkland survivors, and also for a full list of the victims.


But one more point. Those kids at Parkland said what needed to be said, in the language they needed to use–stark, fierce, unflinching.


But they should not have had to do that. No one should have to do that.


The scariest thing that American high school students should face is figuring out what they’re going to do with themselves after they graduate.


Honor Parkland by stepping up and calling your reps about common-sense gun safety laws, and by supporting politicians who have low grades from the NRA, and voting out those who do the NRA’s bidding.


#NeverAgain. For the love of all that is right and good, Never Again.


Read about the heart-piercing eloquence of the survivors of the Margory Stoneman Douglas High School attack:



All 17 victims of the shooting are now identified. See the list:


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