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Support Striking Teachers in West Virginia

Support the state-wide teacher’s strike in West Virginia by donating to a GoFundMe and following news about the situation.


Since Thursday, February 22, 2018, the state’s teachers have been on strike, demanding higher pay and better resolutions to concerns about their benefits.


They struck even though teachers’ strikes are illegal in West Virginia. A total of 55 counties and more than 275,000 students are affected.


They earned a victory on Wednesday, February 28, when Republican Governor Jim Justice offered a five percent pay raise instead of a two percent raise this year and one percent raises in 2020 and 2021.


The teachers kept striking because the gains are contingent on passage by both of the state’s legislative chambers, and the Senate has been an obstacle.


Unions need our support, and teachers need our support. Please help the West Virginia teachers by giving to their GoFundMe, staying on top of the situation, and spreading the word about it.


Donate to the West Virginia Teachers’ Strike Fund GoFundMe (as of March 3, 2018, it had raised more than $88,000 against its $50,000 goal):



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Follow the American Federation of Teachers, West Virginia on Twitter to stay on top of things:




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…as well as the hashtags #WVTeacherStrike and #55Strong



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