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Ask Your House Rep to Support H.R. 3029, Which Would Bar Spending Your Money on Trump’s Efforts to Suppress the Vote (GOOD UPDATE JAN 3, 2018)

This OTYCD entry originally posted in September 2017.

Ask your House Rep to support H.R. 3029, which would make sure that no taxpayer dollars are used to fund the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity–aka Trump’s voting rights suppression campaign.

Good update: On January 3, 2018, Trump disbanded his Presidential Commission on Election Integrity, citing the many lawsuits that have frustrated its aims. While this is good news, we need to continue to watch the situation. Trump’s announcement only killed the commission, not his appetite for pursuing debunked claims of voter fraud. He and Kris Kobach, the now-dead panel’s vice chairman, are kicking things over to the Department of Homeland Security.

See this Kobach quote from a Politico story on the death of the panel:

“The Kansas official said he expects officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement and political appointees overseeing that agency to take over the commission’s work and begin efforts to match state voter rolls to federal databases of noncitizens. He insisted he was not disappointed with the president’s decision.”

So, celebrate, but remain vigilant.

Read stories about the panel’s demise:


Original text follows:

Marc Veasey, a Democrat who represents the newly-drawn 33rd District in Texas, introduced H.R. 3029 on June 22–not long before Kris Kobach requested sensitive data on voters from all 50 states on behalf of Trump’s commission. The bill’s title is pretty straightforward and a tad dull: To prevent Federal funds from being used to carry out Executive Order 13799.

Yeah, OK, it has no chance of becoming law. Trump would have to sign it, and that’s not gonna happen. But still, it’s worth backing Veasey’s bill as one more way to protest the blatant move to suppress voting rights that the commission represents.

If your House Rep is Veasey, call and thank him for putting this bill forward.

Sample script: “Dear House Rep (Lastname), I am (Firstname Lastname, from town, zip code). I am calling to ask you to support H.R. 3029, which would prevent the use of taxpayer funds for the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity. The commission, which Trump created through Executive Order 13799, is already creating havoc through the recent request for all 50 states to surrender sensitive information on voters to the government. While I realize there’s not much chance the bill will become law, I feel it’s important to support it as an act of protest against Trump’s specious efforts to suppress the vote.”


See House Rep Veasey’s press release about the H.R. 3029:


See and bookmark the GovTrack page on the bill: