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Call Your Members of Congress to Support the Presidential Conflicts of Interests Act

This OTYCD entry originally posted in February 2017.


Call your members of Congress to support the Presidential Conflicts of Interests Act of 2017.


Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren introduced it in the senate as S.65; Massachusetts Fifth District representative Katherine Clark introduced it in the house as H.R. 371.


If passed, it would reinforce the Emoluments clause of the Constitution by stating that the president and vice president must divest themselves of any assets that could pose a conflict of interest, and place them in a blind trust.


The law would also apply to those officials’ spouses and dependent children, but not their grown children or their spouses. It would also impose the same disclosure requirements on the president that are required of members of Congress.


In short, it would force Trump to do something that the last several presidents have done voluntarily, because it’s common sense.



Here is the link to S.65, A bill to address financial conflicts of interest of the President and Vice President:



Here is the link to H.R. 371, which has pretty much the same title as the senate version:



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See this New York Times op-ed from Richard Painter, chief White House ethics lawyer under the Bush administration from 2005 to 2007, on Trump’s stated plans for complying with the Constitution:


See this (not very hopeful) Washington Post article about Warren and Clark’s legislative efforts:



Here is Senator Elizabeth Warren’s press release on the bill. It names all its co-sponsors in the senate and the house. Do you see your members of Congress listed? If so, call and thank them for supporting these bills.