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Donate to the Flippable Fund

Donate to the Flippable Fund and help fuel the blue wave on the state legislature level. 


Flippable has done great work getting Democrats elected to state legislatures. As we at OTYCD have said before, 2018 is not going to be like 2017, with a special election here and a special election there. Thousands of seats are up for re-election in November, including more than 6,000 at the state level.


Flippable has launched a self-named fund that will assist the campaigns of 100 state-level candidates running in 2018 in strategic districts. These include special elections and standard elections scheduled for November.


Donating to the Flippable Fund and spreading the word about it is a great way to augment your Core Four work. And hey, who doesn’t love one-stop shopping?



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