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Ask Your Favorite Newspapers, Magazines, and Websites to Cover the Many Faces of the Resistance

This OTYCD entry originally posted in December 2017.

Ask your favorite newspapers, magazines, and websites to cover the many, many people who have joined the Resistance. 

Are you sick to death of stories about Trump voters who voted for Trump and are still okay with having voted for Trump? Same here.

Why are there not more stories about people who were never really that politically active until the 2016 election happened and now they’re pissed enough to fight back?

We want more stories about THOSE PEOPLE. They’d be far more interesting and there are far more of them.

Get in touch with your favorite publications and ask them to cover ordinary local folks who were moved to take extraordinary steps after Trump was elected.

Point them to your local Indivisible group, or link them to local Facebook pages for the Resistance, or point them to candidates who are running for something because of Trump, or point them to Action Alliance, which lists dozens of pro-Resistance groups that burst into being after the election:

Help change the narrative! Maybe we’ll get fewer stories about Trump voters at long last.