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Find Your State Senator and State House Representatives

This OTYCD entry originally posted in January 2017.

Talking often to your federal Congressional representatives is important. But you should also know who your state senator and state house representatives are--the people who stand for you in your state legislature.

Plug your address and your zip code into this web site to find them:

Once you know who your state senator and state house rep are, go to the web site for your state legislature (plug “(StateName) Legislature” into a search engine), and find their contact information. Put their phone numbers in your phone. Save their email addresses. If they are on social media, follow them.

Also pull up the pages that each rep maintains on your state legislature’s web site. Look at the bills your reps have proposed recently. Is there anything you like and can get behind? Call them and voice your support. Tell your friends about the bills you like and ask them to voice their support.

Watching your state legislature is important, too. State legislatures are to Congress what Triple AAA baseball is to the major leagues–tomorrow’s stars play here first.

The Who Are My Representatives site will also tell you who your members of Congress are; who the president and vice president; and who else represents you on the state level–your governor, lieutenant governor, treasurer, state auditor, state secretary, and attorney general. Please share this web site with your friends.