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Read These Blog Posts by John Scalzi, Who Nails It

This OTYCD entry originally posted in July 2017.

Read these blog posts by John Scalzi on white privilege and being poor. You’ll be better for it.


John Scalzi is a Hugo-award-winning science fiction author of the Old Man series, Redshirts, and others. He’s also written his blog, Whatever, for almost 20 years.


You should read Whatever regardless, because it’s good and he tackles political topics with aplomb. Whatever has one of the few comments sections worth reading because Scalzi moderates exceptionally well.


We wrote this post to direct you to two superlative Whatever posts that relate to issues that underly much of what we talk about on One Thing You Can Do.



The first is Being Poor, a 2005 piece that draws on his memories of having grown up with little money. He regards it as one of the best things he’s ever written. He’s right:

Here also is its followup, “Being Poor,” Ten Years On:



The second must-read is from 2012. Titled Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is, Scalzi explains the nature of white privilege without using that phrase:



And here is a 2014 followup, The Lowest Difficulty Setting In Action:

We’re not sure if Scalzi has commented on the quality of Straight White Male but we think it’s among the best things he’s written.



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