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Support the Progressive Turnout Project, Which Aims to Get Democrats to the Polls

Support the Progressive Turnout Project, a grassroots Political Action Committee (PAC) devoted to getting Democrats to go to the polls and vote.


The big difference between Democratic voters and Republican voters is the Republicans will hold their noses and vote for the Republican, even if they’re a thoroughly terrible candidate, such as Roy Moore.


The Progressive Turnout Project targets inconsistent Democratic voters with specialized GOTV programs in the more competitive districts in the country.


In 2017, it supported Senate candidate Doug Jones in Alabama, Florida state senate candidate Annette Taddeo, Virginia governor candidate Ralph Northam, among others. All three won.


The Progressive Turnout Project raised more than $2 million in the fourth quarter of 2017 for its efforts. In 2018, it will turn its sights on at least 40 Congressional districts in 20 states.


It is also spending at least $100,000 in the March 2018 special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th district, where Conor Lamb is the Democratic candidate.


Concerted, well-designed GOTV campaigns are exactly what we need to put things right. Look into what the Progressive Turnout Project is doing and see how you can support it.



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