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Support Jana Lynne Sanchez, Who Is Running for a Texas House Seat in 2018 (Update March 11, 2018)

This OTYCD entry originally posted in July 2017.


Update, March 11, 2018: Sanchez advanced to the May 22, 2018 Democratic primary runoff, pulling in 36.88 percent of the vote to Ruby Faye Woolridge’s 36.94 percent of the vote. We at OTYCD wish Sanchez luck in the May contest.


Support Jana Lynne Sanchez, a Democrat who is running for the House of Representatives in Texas’s 6th District in 2018.


A lifelong Texan, Sanchez is pro-choice, pro-LGBT rights, and pro-public schools. She supports the freedoms laid out in the Bill of Rights, the first and second amendments in particular. She supports the decriminalization of marijuana. She favors universal healthcare. As the granddaughter of an undocumented migrant worker who became a U.S. citizen the year before he died, she embraces humane immigration reform.



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