Marches and Protests

Keep Going to Protests. They Piss Trump Off.

This OTYCD entry originally posted in June 2017.

Keep going to protests. Seeing big crowds arrayed against him annoys the everloving crap out of Trump.

Protests cost time and money. Making signs, transportation, parking, seasonal weather gear–it all adds up. And it can be tough and anxiety-provoking to join a big crowd in a public place in a major city.

Keep doing it. It works. And think about joining the planning or fundraising committees of future protests.

In late April, Vox did a piece called 4 rules for making a protest work, according to experts. The link to the full story is below, but here’s a key passage:


The longer and louder a protest persists, the more likely the government is to take action.

Daniel Q. Gillion, a sociologist at the University of Pennsylvania and author of The Political Power of Protest, has focused his career on figuring out whether a protest can make a real change. “The answer is that it does,” he says.

But it’s not that easy. Conservatives can point to the current mass gatherings and smear them as fringe — unruly mobs of political correctness gone wild. A “protest can embolden politicians to stay the course, and conservative politicians like Trump might be emboldened,” said Gillion.

For a protest to spur change, he finds, it has to become unignorable.

In his studies of decades’ worth of minority activism, Gillion has identified several factors that are key to upping a protest’s salience and, in turn, making real political change.

They include:

  • Whether the protest lasts longer than a day
  • If there are more than 100 people involved
  • If police were present
  • If political organizations were attached to the protest
  • If there were arrests, injuries, or reports of property damage
  • Whether a death occurred


Obviously, we’ll all want to continue to avoid the last two on that list, but please continue to come out to protest, and look for protests that fit the first four criteria. We at OTYCD will continue to alert you to nationwide protests of note.


Also, here’s a Politico article from around the same time that shows that the protests get under Trump’s onion-thin skin:


And here is the full article from Vox: